Life Update?

I’m back in school:

I started my MBA at Capella University online using Flex-path, where I work at my own pace. SO far I am 3 classes of 19 classes in. (You do one class at a time.) I’m happy feeling lick I am bettering myself. At least with an MBA I am more marketable as an employee. The economics degree alone is not much for the job market.

The eventual goal will be to get my PhD in like business admin or something… Where ever God leads honestly. But I will be done with my MBA this time next year.

I quit my job:

Yep, I was not being treated correctly by a co-worker and so I left the situation. It was hard. I hated every min of the quitting process but it’s over, I am free of that treatment and I can move forward.

Thats all Folks:

That’s all I got for now. Trying the best I can to enjoy this time of year despite being unemployed. I love Christmas time whether I have job or not.

PS. If you know of anyone hiring in the Pullman, WA/Moscow, ID area… please hit me up. I’m a hard worker and always bring my smile to work. 😉




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