To Those of Us Who Have Screwed Up…

This post is about 2 things. The first is about how we treat the people we love when they make a mistake. The second is about the mistakes I have made and why i choose to live my life the way I do.

The First Thing:

We have all screwed up at some point. Whether it was intentional or not we have made mistakes we can’t take back. Said something in anger, chosen something we shouldn’t have. Thought with the part of our brain that is not wired to logic. We have all done it and will probably do it again.

What we fail to miss is this. To the ones that love us unconditionally, we are already forgiven… before we even make the mistake.

I like this analogy. Say my cat Lulu booked it out the door one day as I was bringing grocery in. I would chase after her. I would follow her to the ends of the earth looking for her. I would post signs with my phone number, offer a reward, and spend every hour looking for her till she was in my arms again.

Seems normal right? But ah, change the cat that escaped to a person who choose the wrong thing. Now what do you do? Give them the silent treatment, yell at them, demean their ability to make choices.

How is this any different than Lulu getting out?

Sure, she didn’t know any better, I was trying to protect her by keeping her in. It’s the same to the person who made the wrong choice. They did it trying to achieve happiness not trying to get away from you but to see if the grass was greener. They didn’t know you kept them from it because you were trying to protect them… They didn’t know any better.

Here is where it gets hard.

When I sit crying in my arms on my porch, voice gone from yelling her name and I look up to see dirty, cold, tired, hungry Lulu walking up the drive way what am I to do?

Turn a cold shoulder, say “look who’s coming crawling back”, laugh at her realizing I was right and she was wrong, Leave her to walk the drive alone, and continue to belittle her till she admits I’m right.

Absolutely not, But that’s what most people do when the person who made the wrong choice comes back.

What should you do? I’d bolt to Lulu coming up the drive. Fall to my knees, wrap my arms around her so tight that I can literally give her my love through osmosis. Feed her the good tuna that’s for humans, bathe her, wrap her in a warm blanket and snuggle her, petting her till she falls sleep in my arms and them go on like it never happened.

That also what you should do when someone you love makes a mistake. Like the protocol son, welcome them back with open arms. Throw a dam party because this means they have now made the right choice and even if they haven’t, all that matters is that they are here.

The Second Thing:

I’m royally screwed up in my life time thus far. So bad that I have done things that can’t be taken back, said things i regret, done things I regret, and nearly lost my own life more than once.

It’s been by the grace of God, the heavenly father that I am as unscathed as I am, with VERY few battle scars.

So why do I choose to follow the lord with all my heart? Honestly, I weighted the options. At some point in time I sat back and weighted my options and honestly from a socially perspective for me following Jesus won.

It would be easier in many ways to be an atheist. Never have to be let down by what you thought God was gonna do. No church, no scripture, no gospel music, just science and proven facts that add up all the time. It’s all up to you to make a life live it to the best of your abilities and die. When you die it’s just over, no judgement day, no rules to follow in life, you could drink, and do all the legal drugs, and sleep around and live for what feels good now. (Sorry to all the atheists that read this I feel your anger building as I type, I’m making a point I swear.) I admit to living like this for a period of time. Angry with the “God” I was raised to believe in. If he was real than why was I in so much  pain? Why would he allow it when I begged him on my knees to make it stop?

Ah, but then there is the other side. Live a life of hope. Of greater purpose, of eternal love. Sure that all sounds great. But what if it’s wrong? Then I will have wasted my life being blissfully happy with my made up God. If I’m wrong then I had a imaginary person to lean on in the storm, I had hope when there was none  and I had a dream that was impossible but in my heart believed that God could.

To me the decision was easy. I choose God.

That decision came with some strings attached. No drugs. No alcohol, no sex till marriage, follow the laws of the land, no idols, tell the truth, honor your parents, walk with integrity, be wise, go to church, learn the scripture, ya it’s a lot, cuz that’s just the tip of it.

I have lived both sides and I am here to tell you that one comes with a please I can not describe, a building rock on my chest is gone, the pit in my stomach is gone, the void in my heart is gone. Am I losing some value of life by not having thoes things sure. I suppose I am, but I am made up for it in peace, hope, and love.

Basically I am here to tell you that if your relationships are screwed up, your financially unstable, your failing at your job, you’re missing the point. Quit chasing all the little things and chase God. He will put all those things in your hands for you.

Proverbs 3:5-6

Trust the lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding but in all ways acknowledge him and he will make your path straight.

Read that again.

Once more.

See it? It is instructions for life. HE WILL MAKE YOUR PATH STRAIGHT, you need only acknowledge him in all ways.

Here is my little test if you are on the fence about something.

Should i drink this beer excessively?

Ask: Is that God’s best?

If the answer is no then don’t do it. If the answer is yes, then go for it.

Now I’m rambling to go ahead and rip be to shreds in the comments. 🙂


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