Things I Will Do as a Parent, Someday

  1. Adopt – Honestly if I could never have a biological kid that’s completely fine with me. I can and will be mother even if the kid does not have my DNA. I vow to love it as mush as my heart can hold and then some.
  2. Biblical names – I have always wanted a theme with my children’s names. I have loved for years the idea of them all being bilabially based. But, I don’t want a John and Mary, I want a Judah, and a Jude, and a Jeremiah (Girl, Myah for short), and Lilian.
  3. Family names for middle names -Lilian Allison (Last Name) and Jeremiah Abigail (Last Name), Jude Steven (Last Name) and there has to be a Judah Lee which was my grandmothers middle name that she went by and it is my middle name as well.
  4. Raise them to be Christians – I will raise my children knowing that Jesus is not only their savior, and creator, but the one that gave them to me the one that choose me to be their Mommy. No they didn’t come from me, but I believe it will be a match made in heaven.
  5. Homeschool/Private School – I do mean this as a slight to the public school. They screwed me over, they didn’t see my disabilities and called me lazy for 14 years, and I will not allow that to happen to any kid of mine. A private education with less students per class and more resources will be the plan for my kids. Ideally, I would hire a professional to come in to the home and teach them daily and we school that way.
  6. Santa – Santa is real. No he is not a man but a sprit of love and giving. Till they are old enough to understand he is a man but we will introduce Santa to them to teach them about faith.

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