I was recently informed that all my musical choices where from 2008… This was a blow. Ok, this i can accept there was some good music in 2008. I think we can agree on this.

However, I care to explain.

I dislike change. In anything. Rearranging the furniture, moving the butter in the fridge, changing clothes, I hate it all. Therefore it makes sense that I would not wanna change my music either. So what if its 11 years old. I still like it. Now I have gotten some hits added in there here and there but nothing too drastic. I did fall in love with Ed Sheeran’s Albums, yes all of them.

The point is this. No one cares what’s on your iPod. I say Ipod because I use to listed to screen/hardcore medal, mostly cuz the guy I liked like it. So I downloaded a bunch of it. I hated it. Then one day it. Hit me. NO ONE SEE’S WHATS ON YOUR IPOD so listen to what you like for heaven sake.

Then I discovered dubstep. IT had all the elements I loved of HXC but in a less horrific fashion. Now my and my buddy Skrillex kick it every now ad then.

Here is the top 10 of my favorites playlist right now (in no specific order)

  1. Let Me Love You – Rita Ora
  2. Levels- Avicii
  3. Killin’ It. – Krewella
  4. Afterlife. – Switchfoot (Neon Feather Remix)
  5. Love Broke Thru – TobyMac
  6. Can’t Hold Us. – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
  7. Closer – Shawn McDonald
  8. A-Team – Ed Sheeran

9. Point to you – We are Messengers

10. Trust in You – Lauren Daigle


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