My Dream House

The following is some aspects of things I want in my dream house.

Whole House:

  • Strong Wifi through out
  • Neutral light grey and white baseboards.
  • Crisp color and nothing too flashy in design of the house, leave the flashy to the stuff you put in it.


  • Amazing tile backsplash, like octagon shape or something.
  • one of those base board vacuums for sweeping
  • Large farm sink, but not too deep so I can reach the bottom though.
  • Sink above the stove for large pots of water
  • A chandler or cool lighting above the HUGE island that has bar stools on one side

Master Suite:

  • Closet of my dreams.
    • Storage for everything
  • Canopy master bed that is a king or larger.
  • Door that locks to my finger print.

Kids rooms:

  • I think it would be best to have 3-4 rooms for kids. One a designated nursery and a few for the older children.
  • No TV’s or desktop computers in the kids rooms. If you wanna watch something mature, or go on a mature website then I get to watch/go it with you.

Family Room:

  • This will be my more functional room with a TV and couches.
  • Toy storage
  • functional and comfy
  • High Ceilings for my Christmas Tree


  • Space!
    • for cars
    • for bikes
  • Heated
  • Finished walls
  • Fancy concrete floor

Theater Room:

  • Big plush couches that you can curl up on and fall asleep
  • Fluffy blankets
  • Cup holder behind the head rests so you don’t spill your drinks
  • Vaulted seating so the short people can see from the back.
  • Large projector and screen
  • Able to run the projector from my phone/a remote

Back Yard:

  • Fire pit
  • Deck/Patio eating area with a BBQ and built in cooking space.
  • Table and chairs
  • Play set
  • Tree fort
  • Trampoline (in the ground, with pool noodles covering the springs)

Craft Room:

  • LARGE flat table waist height with stools to sit on.
  • Rolls of Christmas and birthday wrap and a thing to pull it off the roll.
  • Cupboards of crafting supplies with glazed glass so you can see the colors of the supplies.
  • STORAGE! For all the supplies
  • Sink and running water for paint messes

Laundry Room/Mudroom:

  • Pet cleaning/Boot Cleaning station.
  • Large washer and drier.
  • Place to hang the items that can’t be dried.
  • Room for the litter box that is vented to the outside so it doesn’t smell.

School Room:

  • Desks for each child.
  • Central desktop computer or two till the kids are old enough for laptops.
  • laptops, and iPads
  • a large table for crafts and science projects.
  • Printer
  • Laminator
  • Cork wall to hang their art
  • White board wall to work out the hard problems.



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