Going Paperless in 2019?

I got an iPad Pro 10.5 inch in early 2018. I got my Apple Pencil a few months later. Honestly, I used both for a week or so then grew bored with my limited knowledge of their power and stopped using them.

Fast forward to 2019. I was on pinterest when I came across the concept of Digital Bullet Journaling. This intrigued me and I started looking in to it.

Its been years since I used my paper planner religiously and months since I was constant in my bullet journaling as well.

I started with Youtube and later downloaded Procrate and Goodnotes 4… only for GoodNotes 5 to be released a little later but thats another rant.

I have been toying with the idea of going completely paperless.

The iPad and Pencil are so powerful there is nothing I can’t do on the iPad with the pencil that I could do with paper and a pen.

The only thing stopping me is the love I have for the planner supplies I have. The pens, and Washi tape, and paper, and stickers, and markers, and post its and everything, and highlighters and… yes.

Few things excite me more than office supplies and carbs…

Here are some screen shots from my iPad.


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