Life Updates/Rant

  1. I got an Apple Watch and new tennis shoes. I have been walking little over a mile a day some days a mile and a half. I have not changed my eating and I am still down about 6 pounds. Feels pretty good. Prepping for NYC trip in December. I want to be down a clothing size from a 3x to a 2x so I can buy this north face jacket that I want but it only goes to s 2x. Motivation. Also there will be a lot of walking in NYC and I wanna not be so dead and out of breath doing it.
  2. I’ve been sick. I got this terrible sinus/chest congestion cold on like Tuesday night. Went to work with no voice on wednesday coughing, yet felt okay. Wednesday night I had a fever and went walking in the rain anyway… then slept terrible if at all. Reluctantly stayed home Thursday miserable all day. No walk just a fever and all the fun that comes with that. Friday small improvement but still running a fever so I stayed home AGAIN. Today, no fever, just congested and running nose, coughing. Yet I finally feel good enough to start a load of laundry and do some dishes.
  3. Still loving my job. It’s hard playing catch up from being unemployed. I feel like I’m only paying bills with my entire paycheck then scraping to do fun things, like buying an apple watch. Lol.
  4. Been really in to personal and professional development. I wanna better myself so that when the time comes and “the one” come in my life I can be the best version of Kyra that is possible for him. I will except that he works hard on himself to be the best version of him that he can be so why should I not do the same.
  5. Trying to lose weight still. Not really following WW but not going crazy either. I am like 65% health food 35% modernly healthy and 10% junk food. Everything in moderation? I think. I am working on portion control mostly.
  6. Kim K becoming a lawyer sickens me to the core. I nearly killed myself going to law school twice she skips it and just studies for the bar like its nothing. If she passes then I am going to take the Bar, cuz obviously I am a better more experienced learner than she is. Am I smarter? I don’t know. I like to think so but I can’t say.
    1. Law school teaches you to pass the bar, not be a lawyer. Would I be a good lawyer? Yes. Litigator? No. I wanted a law degree because I thought it was the most attainable yet high educational standard I could accomplish. I wanted it for the name. I wanted it for that JD after my name. I wanted the perception of what a law degree brings on you. And I put my self worth in to my ability to become a lawyer.
    2. Guess what, I’m not cut out to be a lawyer by the American standard of becoming a lawyer. I am not a good test taker and my intelligence can not be captured by the exams they are give. Am I still valued as a person? Hell, yes. Am I still a smart person? Yes. A Good learner? Yes. Am I still worthy of love and support and respect all the things I thought law school would earn me? YES. That took me months to realize. I wanted it for the vanity, and it’s not about that.

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