My New NEW Office

Just like that I was moved to a new office. We had a gentlemen that was workmen in our department retire. So the option to move to his office was on the table and because of it’s proximity to my boss’s office (He is a loud guy) no one wanted it but me. I wanted it because the noise is usually directed to me anyway and honestly I have keen ability to tune out sound. Also the office is a CORNER office with 3 windows and it’s bigger then my old one. SOLD.

So I was moved in late April. Ive been settling in the past month.

Without further delay, here is my new NEW office!

Suggestions for what do to with the shelves? They’re too high up for me. Lol


1 thought on “My New NEW Office

  1. Maybe a nice silk flower or plant (one you don’t have to water)?

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