Sometimes The Goal is Not the Goal at All

So Disney+ came out and I have been living it up with my free one year trial thought Verizon.

I was watching Cars, and realized the life lesson its teaching. Sometimes there are more important things than winning. For Lightening McQueen, he had the life goal of winning the Piston Cup. But when it came down to the second all his dreams where gonna come true he was moments from the finish line and he choose to stop. He slammed on the breaks and choose to help the fallen car cross instead. HE sacrificed his life goal for something far better than anything he had dreamed. That something is respect and good sportsmanship. SO not only did he still get everything he wanted that came with winning, he got a family as well.

Sometimes you work so hard for your own goal when God has something in mind far greater than you can even fathom. All you need to do is step back let go and let the lord drive.

Gosh I love Disney.

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